Whole Grain Sourdough Einkorn Bread

Sourdough Einkorn Loaf
My sourdough bread experiment has come to fruition tonight with my first-ever einkorn sourdough loaf! The whole process of creating the sourdough starter was quite fascinating, and also pretty fun. At first I thought my starter was going funky because it bubbled up like crazy the first two days, and smelled a bit like old cheese (too old). But then, as the days went on, it started to smell more like real sourdough, and finally, after a week, I was able to bake some bread.

The texture is a bit dense; I think it’s probably a combination of the dough being a bit dry (and me forgetting to slash the top of the loaf) and also that my starter is still young (apparently, the more mature the starter, the better). But the flavour is fantastic – really rich and almost malty, with a bit of tang. I’m really looking forward to making more sourdough bread; there’s something magical about creating a loaf of bread with just flour and water, as it has been done for centuries.  I’m now thinking of trying to come up with an einkorn sourdough English muffin recipe…

If you want to try making your own einkorn sourdough, the videos and recipes on the Jovial site are excellent. Here’s the link to show you how to make the starter: https://jovialfoods.com/create-einkorn-sourdough-starter/ ; here’s the link to the levain which you use in your final bread recipe: https://jovialfoods.com/make-einkorn-sourdough-levain/, and finally the bread recipe I used: https://jovialfoods.com/whole-grain-sourdough/.

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