Pike Place Market, Seattle

seattle-34When we arrived in Seattle on Friday afternoon, the market was just ending for the day. There were still a few stalls with things in them, and the restaurants were open, and a few stores, so it was actually a great time to take some photos of the buildings. When I went back the next morning to do some shopping, it was wall-to-wall people, we all walked at a snail’s pace past the rows of fresh produce and seafood. I wish that I did get some photos of all the goodies that were on display, but I didn’t take my camera in the morning because I just wanted to have my hands free to be able to shop. Here is a link to the website where it lists everything that’s available.

Besides the stalls, there are lots of little shops tucked in everywhere, selling everything from tea and spices to miniature cars, perfume and soaps, and magic paraphernalia…it was all very interesting and so much fun. There was an Italian deli shop that I could have spent all afternoon in, with a huge case full of delicious looking cheeses, and rows of jars filled with gourmet olives, maraschino cherries, and chestnuts; and a spice and trinket shop called The Souk where I bought some quince jam, pomegranate syrup, nougat, and garam marsala. I also picked up some organic Russet apples from a produce stall that are excellent, I only wish I’d bought more of them!

Saturday, just before leaving, we had crêpes for lunch from a cute restaurant called Crêpe de France in the market.

It is definitely worth coming back to Seattle just to revisit the market. We didn’t end up spending as much time there as we would have liked because we had to check out of our hotel at 3:30pm, so that just means we will have to make another visit here sometime soon!

*There is also a place called The Crumpet Shop, and I didn’t make it there this time, but next time for sure….

Upon arrival, the first thing we did was walk down to the waterfront.
Down at the waterfront.
This building had various food establishments inside.
Shane seated on the restaurant patio after dinner.
Emmy enjoying the sunshine (and hoping for some tidbits).
After dinner we walked down along the waterfront and towards the old part of the market. This was a ferry coming in to the harbour.
Stairwell from the street going up to the old market stalls.
Continuing up the stairs…
One of the areas where the vendors display their goods…this one had things like scarves and jewelry.
Hallway between the stalls; on the left hand side were flower vendors the following morning.
Interesting architecture on the old posts.
One of the flower stalls.
Some leftover dahlias that didn’t get sold.
Walking through the flower and produce area.
Shane and Emmy wishing there were some treats to be had.
The beginning of the fresh seafood area.
To the right, both upstairs and down, are the curious little shops.
Shane and Emmy on the skybridge that looks out over the waterfront.
The view from the skybridge.
One of the produce shops, sadly closed.
Restaurant within the market.
Another view of the restaurant.
Another restaurant in the market area.
Shane and Emmy going down to one of the lower market levels.
Very cool miniature car shop!
Close-up of some of the minis.
Magic Shop!


Paper shop that sold vintage posters and such.
Trinket shop.
Shane and Emmy walking down towards a restaurant called Place Pigalle.
Checking out the Place Pigalle menu.
Street running through the market area.
Sunset view from our hotel.
Emmy the next morning, enjoying the comfy king sized bed.
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4 Responses to Pike Place Market, Seattle

  1. Very nice photos, you definitely caught the energy of the market. I can’t wait to go! It looks so interesting and I bet it has great produce, the flower shops sound nice too. There’s so many different kinds of vendors there, I bet you could spend quite some time looking around at everything.

    • Thanks Tara! I really wish I had taken some more photos the next morning when it was really busy and all the stuff was out…it was amazing! And some of the other shops that I didn’t get photos of were really great too…well maybe next time we go, you will be with us to see it for yourself :). Yes the produce was really good, lots of other stalls in other areas of the market as well.

  2. Wowwwwwwwwww! Awesome pictures Sam!!!!! I’m fantasizing about meeting you guys on your next trip to Seattle. I can’t get over Pike’s Place…I wonder how much it costs to rent a stall there?

    • Yes it’s really a great market, you would just love it! I hope you can meet us there someday! I think they have information on the website about how to go about renting a spot there. A lot of the merchants will ship stuff to you if you can’t take it with you…so you can buy fresh seafood if you want to :).

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