Happy Holidays!

I’ve been playing around with some fun filmmaking techniques, so I thought I would make my holiday greeting this way this year.  This was made using what’s called the stop motion animation technique (something which I obviously need a lot more practice at!).  The music is Shane playing Tchaikovsky’s ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’.  Happy Holidays!  xo Sam.

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  1. We love the mice the music & the wonderful thoughts they invoke,miss you both so much love mom dad Sophie & Willo

  2. Sam! Your dad just forwarded this to me! It has totally made my day! You are amazing and so is Shanes guitar. Perfect music for your little masterpiece! I just finished school…back to the land of the living!!

    • Thanks Carolyn :)…I wonder why you didn’t get it by email…I think something funny is going on with my email settings for the site… I’m glad you’re finished school, nice time for some R&R!

    • Haha thanks…they were a little uncooperative as they are xmas tree decorations with clips on their undersides. But I thought they were cute looking too :).

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