Bees on the Lemon Tree

Tiny BeesWe bought a small Meyer Lemon tree when we moved into our apartment just over a year ago.  It always seems to either have blossoms, or to be forming them, so the enchanting neroli-like scent of lemon blossoms surrounds us almost year-round.

For some reason, we didn’t have any bees on the flowers last summer, but this year, they seem to find the tree irresistible!  We’ve had tiny bees, honey bees and a couple of other types of bees local to this area visiting the blossoms.

In this short video, I captured the tiny bees, and also one of the honey bees, trying to squeeze into a blossom that was just opening.  They are comical to watch; they try to “break in” to blossoms that aren’t open yet by prying along the edges of the closed petals.  It makes me happy that our little lemon tree is helping to provide the bees with some sustenance, especially on these hot, dry summer days that seem to have become the norm.

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  1. I was thinking that, it’s different to have the blossoms so close. Our Crepe Myrtle is covered with bees, but it’s so far away, you don’t see the detail of what’s going on.
    The blossoms smell so great too on the lemon.

  2. Wow! That is really cool! It’s so funny how they open up the flower. Nice you have so many blooms all the time.

    • Yes it is funny, I didn’t know they did that until I had the chance to observe them close-up. The blooms are really nice, especially in the middle of winter!

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