Beach House Weekend {and a dairy-free, gluten-free cheesecake}

Beach House-21

Shane and I were very generously invited by a friend to spend the weekend at a beach house in Lincoln City, Oregon. It was her birthday, as well as two others’, so she rented the house as a special treat, and invited several of her friends to celebrate.  I thought I would make a cake for the multi-birthday celebration, so I chose something different and healthy…the cake I decided on was a raw, vegan cheesecake-like tiramisu from the Unconventional Baker site.  It was so good!  The texture was dense and smooth, very much like a cheesecake, and the crust was nutty and chewy; it reminded me of Turtles chocolates.  It’s basically all made from nuts and dates…so it’s got lots of good fats and other nutritious goodies.  I will definitely make it again; Audrey’s recipes seem to be really well thought out, you can tell she has thoroughly tested them.  Here is the link to her site if anyone would like to try it: Raw Tiramisu.  Our host made some tasty pumpkin muffin-tops that I enjoyed with my tea (I think I ate about three of them!).

Unfortunately, it rained all day Saturday (poured buckets is more like it) so we didn’t get to see a lot of the beach that day, but we did get to spend a bit of time exploring in the evening, when the rain had tapered off a bit.  Despite the weather, it was still a really beautiful spot, and such a great place to watch the ocean.  We saw humpback whales breaching on Saturday morning (a mother and her baby).  The baby was especially energetic, treating us to several leaps out of the water.

Sunday morning brought some sunshine, and before leaving, we had another walk on the beach.  The mist filtered the warm sunlight, giving everything a soft glow, and we wished we could have stayed much longer.

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The road on the way home.

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