Houndstooth Logo-2We met Emmy in September of 2014 when I first arrived in Portland. It wasn’t a planned meeting, but circumstances beyond our control led to our fateful encounter.


My husband moved to Portland in August of 2013 to start a new job, and I remained behind, waiting for our house to sell.  After almost a year went by, we had decided that was long enough to be apart, and I came to Portland in August of 2014.

We had recently lost one of our dogs, a chocolate lab named Bella, who had lived to a good old age of 15.  Our other dog, a black lab named Lily, came with us on the drive out to Oregon, but unbeknownst to us, she had a cancerous heart tumour, and passed away shortly after we arrived in Portland.

I think my husband knew I was heartbroken and lonely without my pooches around, so he started searching the local humane society website.  We knew it was too soon to get another dog, but we were “just looking”.  Then we came across the photo of an adorable two year old female black lab.

Of course, we went to see her at the humane society.  They brought her into the meeting room, and she immediately wanted to play fetch.  Then they told us that she had to take it easy, as she had just had a major operation! I thought, “OH NO! I don’t want to go through losing another dog again…”  I had visions of her splitting her stitches and bleeding to death.  But we talked it over, and decided to take a chance.  She was too lovely to pass up.

Thankfully, everything turned out fine; she recovered from her operation with no complications.  We changed her name to Emmy, and she quickly became part of the family.  Portland is a very dog-friendly city; she joins us for dinners out on restaurant patios, and gets to go shopping in some of the stores (and she knows now that many keep dog biscuits at the checkout).  She keeps me company in the kitchen, and especially looks forward to days when I do baking, as she gets to help clean up the bowls.